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DM notes and brain organisation from a 3.5 year D&D 5e campaign.


This repo uses foam as a campaign brain.

The webpage is using mkdocs with mkdocs-material.

To browse locally in code; clone repo + install extensions to get working markdown links.


Folders generally specify regions, these sometimes coincide entirely with chapters of the campaign, but often not due to the amount of quick teleports between them.

Chapters and content folders#

  1. Introduction & sunless-citadel :: EP 1-4
  2. Into the Abyss segue :: EP 4-19
  3. Escape, and Waterdeep :: EP 20-30
  4. Seafaring on the Artemis :: EP 31-46
  5. North in Neverwinter & Luskan :: EP 45-56
  6. Corrupted giants in Stormguard Citadel:: EP 57-81
  7. The Silver Lich Trail :: EP 82-105
  8. Into the Shadowfell to deal with the Undying Soul :: EP 106-125

Special folders#

Player Resources#

Resources maintained by players:

Players and PCs#

Partially generated by ./ at end of campaign:


Runs on Rhythm jmusicbot on a private discord app.


Inlined in folders herein + uploaded and masked on owlbear.