About me

Why this site exists

My name is Eirik and this is an attempt to collect my thoughts, and provide the occasional guide to software.

Posts herein are my own opinions and not those of my employer. Words like we or us is often used in the the mathematical (collaborative) sense and does not necessarily mean consensus.

Below contains a bit about who I am, what I have done, and what like to do. Basically, a brief summary and status of various creative and dexterous endeavours that I am generally happy to have spent time on.

The alternate category of endeavours that were a complete waste of time, or things I am remarkably bad at for my age is a much larger and more depressing list, and is left as an exercise to the reader to imagine.


I integrate cloud technologies for work, which is a fancy way to say that I combine documents in yaml format, and people consider this expertise.

Regardless, a lot of it is effectively uncharted experimentation territory, and you can’t help but feel both lucky and cursed to be in it at the same time: shiny tech, few stackoverflow answers.

Big projects I’ve been heavily involved in include:

There are also numerous smaller projects under my github account that solve some problems. In particular:

  • muslrust - a canonical x86_64-unknown-linux-musl rust build image for the cloud
  • kube - a kubernetes client for rust
  • tournament - a suite of modules for managing state and lifecycles of competitions

Last four years have had heavy usage of rust due to its safety guarantees and great libraries. But I also like to dabble.


There exists a dusty, but laminated piece of paper with my name + Master of Mathematics on it. While no one has ever asked to look at it, it keeps being featured on my resume every n years.

This esoteric knowledge is mostly used to overexcitedly tell people about infinities and the importance of good abstractions, but I also solve basic arithmetic at work. All in all, a solid use of 4 more years.

Dungeon Mastering

I run a forgotten realms style D&D campaign based on Out of the Abyss wherein a bunch of humans continue to tolerate my antics and bad improv. Campaign links for players.


Played violin from age ~7-17, and as such feel qualified to rant about instrument UX. If you are considering starting/hooking up your kid; buy an otamatone first to see if you think you can handle listening to someone wrangling with a fretless, non-linear interface for years.

Been playing piano for a few years after parting ways with my other stringed devil. It sounded better quickly, and it now satisfies my habit of committing useless chunks of finger movement to muscle memory.


Well designed game mechanics that require some type of dexterous mastery have often drawn me in. Here’s some stuff I spent time on over the years..

No death runs





These days it’s generally tabletop, but some cooperative gaming and platformers remain fun. Steam profile. Linux only, but with Proton.